stars, moons and other beliefs of the peasant - farmer

This Constellations collection tells this intimate bond that is woven between the grower and nature, going back to the origins of the brand: the family orchard of the Moismont estate.

From the outline of a flock of birds in the sky to the position of the moon, the language of nature is made up of multiple signs. These signs accompany the peasant-cultivator on a daily basis towards better harvests, between superstitions and beliefs.

Graphically, the collection intersects with the universe of games : chessboards, cards and other modules, with an almost constructivist writing, composed of typographic forms including the monogram “M” of Moismont .

Other drawings evoke meteors and mineral textures , and invite us to stroll on maps of the sky as on the plots of the orchards of Moismont.